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Artisan Gemstone Jewelry|affordably priced luxury!

All items may be returned within (3) days of receiving them in the mail.  First time customers should order (1) jewelry set alone, before ordering multiple sets, to become familiar with our design and quality.  ANY defects or problems with our products not caused by damage in shipping will of course be taken care of with either replacement or full refund.


We utilize USPS First Class, Priority Mail, or Flat Rate, depending upon what is deemed required, and will include an additional charge for insurance if needed.  (First Class and Priority Mail now include insurance, I believe...Please refer to USPS website at www.usps.com for actual cost per value.)  This policy is due to the fact that artisan jewelry is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced without being completely re-worked;  in some cases, product just cannot be duplicated due to unavailability of components.

Where possible, I will combine shipping for multiple items...this means, if you order (2) jewelry sets, and the weight for both of them is under the limit set by USPS, there is no additional charge for those items within that increment.  The only additional charge would be for insurance to cover the total purchase price of the items.  If the customer HAS to have their purchases shipped using another method, please email me or call;  I will make arrangements to find out the total cost to ship by that method and notify customer of additional charges.   At all times, I try to save the customer money on shipping...  you are basically charged for the actual cost of shipping and insurance.