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Rosebud Romance

Baroque Pearl, Freshwater Pearl, Czech crystal, Sardonyx, 24K Gold-fill

A necklace just beyond the choker length... 16.5".  Pink dyed Baroque Pearls set in a graduated size pattern, two small smoky topaz faceted crystals flank the center Pearl;  separated by top quality gorgeous Sardonyx chunks, some sporting druzy (very rate!), so they sparkle in their own right!  Crystals and Freshwater baby Pearls, 24K Gold-filled liquid gold beads, and a 14K Gold plated lobster clasp.  All strung on 24K Gold-plated  stainless steel 49 strand beading cable.  Matching drop earrings of 1.5" on 14K Gold plated studs.


Baroque Rose

Quartz Druzy, Muscovite, Coral, Freshwater Pearl, Gold leaf beads, Swarovski crystal, 14K Gold-fill, .925 Sterling

Turn-of-the-century styled necklace is 18" long, and has a huge 1.25" Pink Quartz Druzy pendant set in a Victorian 925 Sterling Silver custom bail, Freshwater Pearls, Muscovite disk beads, " Wedding Cake"  beads of gold leaf and hand painted roses, peridot colored Swarovski crystals, Coral beads, and faceted pink speckled glass beads from an old warehouse in Great Britain!  The Wedding Cake beads have their own 14K Gold-filled filigree beadcaps as well.  Strung on 24K Gold-filled stainless steel 49 strand medium.  A 14K Gold-filled lobster clasp and matching 1.5" drop earrings hanging from 14K Gold-filled stud posts. 


Turquoise Splendor

Mottled African Turquoise, Freshwater Pearl, Hemimorphite, .925 Silver

An 18.5" necklace of mottled African Turquoise round beads, flanked by .925 Sterling Silver rounds, baby blue Swarovski crystals, and blue-dyed Freshwater Pearls.  The 1.5" pendant is a Hemimorphite gemstone with stone matrix showing on one side (as in the picture above) and Druzy on the back side!  You can wear the pendant showing either side!  Sterling Silver filigree bead caps surround the Sterling Silver round beads, while the back of the necklace is finished off with .925 liquid Sterling Silver tubes.  A Sterling Silver life preserver toggle clasp closes this necklace.  All strung on .925 Sterling silver-plated stainless steel 49 strand beading cable.  Matching 1.75" drop earrings sport their own Pearls, Crystals, and two huge faceted sky blue drop crystals, with Sterling Silver studs.  


Carnelian Sunburst

Carnelian, Bamboo Coral, Jade, Garnet, Crystal, 14K Gold-Fill

Carnelian jujube-like orbs,  Bamboo  Coral chunks, Coral Jade, Garnets and Crystal conspire to challenge the Sun God! This Carnelian is very premium quality..the picture accurately captures the brilliance with which they shine and reflect the suns' rays!  Towards the back of the necklace, tiny orange and red Coral beads are separated by 14K Gold-filled spacers, then tiny Pearl seed beads up to the 14K Gold-filled filegree Pearl clasp.  A 16.5" necklace, with matching 1.25" earrings that drop from 14K Gold-filled studs.  All strung on 24K Gold-filled stainless steel 49 strand beading cable.


'Shroom Garden


Tree Jasper, Freshwater Pearl, Swarovski crystal, 14K Gold-Fill, .925 Silver

Tree Jasper ovals, flanked by Swarovski Crystals and  premium white Freshwater Pearls, 14K Gold-filled beads.  This Jasper has been hand cut and polished so highly that they almost qualify as gemstones!  Finished at back with Sterling silver liquid silver tubes, and a 14K Gold-filled pearl clasp.  All strung on .925 Sterling Silver-plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable.  Matching 1.5" drop earrings on 14K Gold-filled studs. 

$ 135.00


Nubian Queen Ceremony


African Opal, Ocean Jasper, Freshwater Pearl, Moonstone, 14K Gold-fill, Swarovski crystal, .925 Silver

African Opal pillow and oval beads, one Ocean Jasper drop pendant , Freshwater potato pearls in the creamiest of taupes; handmade drop pendant of Ocean Jasper with druzy;  inside of druzy has handset baby seed pearl; Swarovski crystals, Sterling silver beads and Moonstone beads provide the appropriate amount of shine. Inside dimension of 17"; matching drop earrings of 1 1/2" with 14k gold filled studs. Sterling silver Figaro extension chain and 14k Gold filled pearl clasp. All strung on 24k Gold plated stainless steel 49-strand cable for strength and exquisite drape.



Caribbean Vacation


Hemimorphite, Aquamarine, Opalite, Swarovski crystal, .925 Silver

Hemimorphite rectangles, Opalite  teardrops, and Aquamarine rounds, interspersed with Swarovski crystals; .925 Sterling Silver corrugated beads; liquid Sterling silver tube beads, finished with a Sterling Silver lobster clasp. The entire necklace is strung on .925 Sterling Silver-plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable. Matching earrings of 1.5" with Sterling studs. This necklace set simply shimmers in the light... especially the sun! Perfect for that Caribbean vacation!



Green Garden

Baroque Pearl, Chrysophase, Pearls, Swarovski crystal, 14K Gold-fill    

Irregular Olive-dyed Baroque Pearls, Chrysophase squares and Swarovski crystals;  14K Gold-filled beads, bronze-dyed potato Pearls, finished by bronzed iris seed beads and a 14K Gold-filled lobster clasp.  All strung on 24K Gold-filled 49 strand stainless steel beading cable.  Matching 1.75" drop earrings on 14K Gold-filled studs.  Sophisticated and earthy!



Desert Splendide

Picture Jasper, Carnelian Jade, Swarovski crystal, 14K Gold-fill, .925 Silver

Painted Desert, right before the Dawn!  Picture Jasper Pendant, Sterling Silver rose beads and natural Carnelian triangles, separated by 14k Gold-filled melon beads, Swarovski smokey topaz crystal linkse; the entire landscape includes Sterling Silver heart tube spacers and acorn beads, Vintage glass speckled beads and tiny Jade beads discretely separated by Liquid Sterling Silver bars. All very desert.  A Sterling Silver Porpoise lobster clasp and Sterling Figaro chain extender with more stones to weight the extension down completes the piece. Sterling silver-plated stainless steel 49 strand beading cable keeps it all together and the matching earrings are of Sterling Silver studs.  The necklace is 17" long, inside dimension, while the earrings are approximately 1.75" .


Corporate Carnelian


Carnelian, Poppy Jasper, Pearls, 14K Gold-fill, .925 Silver

Polished, put together and be-jeweled!  This 18" necklace is composed of Carnelian beads, separated by .925 Sterling Silver beads, Poppy jasper cylinders, Sterling Silver heart embellished tubes, and A+++ white Pearls.  A solitary Carnelian carved buckle in the center holds it all together!  Finished at back with more Pearls, Carnelians, and alternating Sterling Silver beads and 14K Gold-filled tube beads.  A custom toggle clasp of .925 Sterling Silver inset with it's own Carnelian closes the back.  All strung on 24K Gold-filled 49-strand stainless steel beading cable.  Matching 1.75" drop earrings on Sterling Silver leverbacks.  A very corporate look, but with the ability to dazzle at the same time!


Simmering Fire and Ice

Fire Agate, Carnelian, Quartz, Baroque Pearl, Moonstone, 14K Gold-fill, .925 Silver

This 18" necklace is made of Fire Agate cylinder beads, premium gemstone grade Carnelian square beads, tiny Quartz beads, white Baroque Freshwater Pearls, all interspersed with 14K Gold filled beads.  The Fire Agate beads up close look as if they are simmering inside with waves of fire, but frozen in time!  The Carnelian beads match these Fire Agates almost perfectly in color and intensity.   Finished at back with tiny pearlized seed beads, Moonstone beads, and a .925 Sterling Silver Carnelian bejeweled toggle clasp.  All strung on .925 Sterling Silver plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable.  Matching 1.75" drop earrings with 14K Gold filled studs.



Coral Tea Party

               Coral, Freshwater Pearl, Quartz, Crystal, Porcelain beads, 14K Gold-fill

Coral beads, 14K Gold filled bead caps, smaller Coral beads, and pink dyed Freshwater Pearls, pink dyed Quartz beads,  finished at back with more Coral beads, interspersed with 14K gold filled beads. 14K Gold filled link chain and 14K Gold filled lobster clasp.  Drops in front with Coral beads, Crystals, and vintage porcelain cylinders with hand painted roses.  All strung on 24K Gold plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable.  Matching 1.75" drop earrings with 14K Gold filled studs.  



South Sea Splendor


Chalcedony, Freshwater Pearl, Iolite, South Sea Pearl, CZ, .925 Silver 

Premium, highly polished gemstone quality Purple Chalcedony ovals are paired with Peacock Freshwater Pearls, Iolite beads, Sterling Silver beads, and creamy white button Freshwater Pearls.  Custom bail of .925 Sterling Silver, inset with a perfect Peacock blue/green grey South Sea Pearl, surrounded by CZs.  Finished at back with .925 Sterling silver liquid tube beads, and a Pearl clasp.  All strung on .925 Sterling Silver plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable.  Matching 2" drop earrings on .925 Sterling Silver leverbacks.