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Coral Splendor

Calcite, Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski crystals, glass baroque pearls, Jade, .925 Silver

A perfect Calcite focal pendant, flanked by two natural slices of shell in a delicious peachy coral color; Coral beads, blush-colored matte  glass  baroque pearls, Freshwater baby Pearls, padparascha colored Swarovski crystals, natural Jade, and Sterling Silver extender chain with its own collection of jewels!  Finished at back with Silver seed beads, a Sterling Silver lobster clasp, and the entire creation strung on Sterling Silver-plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable for strength and flexibility.  Matching 1.5" drop earrings with Sterling Silver studs.   



Amethyst Royalty


Amethyst, Purple Jade, Dumar, Glass beads, Swarovski crystal, .925 Silver, 14K Gold-fill

Amethyst natural rock slice pendant, Purple Sage Jade beads, premium rare Dumar rectangle beads, AB glass tulip beads, Swarovski Crystals, freshwater bronze-dyed Pearls, Sterling Silver acorn and round beads, 14k Gold filled  filigree bead covers, Sterling Silver lobster clasp.  All strung on 24k Gold-plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable.   Matching 14K Gold-filled stud post earrings of 1.75".


Mermaid's Treasure

Mother of Pearl, Baroque Pearl, Amazonite, Jade, freshwater Pearl, .925 Silver

Gorgeous aqua-dyed MOP Shell focal bead, cream white Baroque Pearls, Amazonite cylinders,  Jade rounds, spacer beads, as well as aqua dyed MOP ovals...  all in a "Seas-onal" shade of blue!  Finished at back with tiny Jade beads, freshwater Pearls and Sterling silver tube beads; Sterling Silver lobster clasp.  Inside dimension of 17" with matching Sterling silver post drop earrings of 1.5".  All strung on .925 Sterling silver-plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable.  



Saturday Night Dancing

Blue Goldstone, Gold foil Glass beads, Swarovski crystal, 14K Gold-fill

A full 28" long with two (2) clasps for two different ways to fasten your necklace!  Midnight blue Goldstone beads in faceted ovals and smaller rectangles all with a universe full of glinty silver stars... all interspersed with shimmery blue opalescent glass beads!  Separated by Gold-foil glass beads, as well as 14K Gold-filled beads; the first clasp is a 14K Gold-filled lobster clasp from which dangles a huge purple-blue Swarovski faceted teardrop crystal that has been wire wrapped in 14K Gold-filled wire...the second clasp is a 14K Gold-filled life preserver toggle.  This allows you to wear it "flapper" style (long) or wrap it around your neck twice with your choice of clasps!  All strung on 24K Gold-plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable.  Matching 14K Gold-filled stud earrings of a full 3.5"...put your hair up to show them off!  (For those wishing to shorten these earrings, please email to let me know the length you would prefer).



Purple Heart, Sage Ears

Baroque Pearl, 14K Gold-fill, Purple Jade, .925 Silver, Gold foil glass, Pearl, Iolite

Dangling from a 17" 14K Gold-filled chain is a 2" Purple and gold foil heart that has a hole just for such a purpose!  Nestled near it, but free to slide around on the chain are a creamy white Baroque Pearl, a purple glass leaf, and a beautiful pearl swinging freely...the set completes with a matching pair of 1.5" drop earrings of Purple Sage Jade, .925 Sterling Silver , bead-caps,  Pearls, Iolite, and Sterling Silver studs.  Very simple, very elegant, very feminine. 



Jazzy Blues

Turquoise, Amazonite, .925 Silver, Jade

This chained necklace is 19" long and is made of .925 Sterling Silver chain, linked to beautiful Amazonite Cylinders flanked by four Sterling Silver acorn beads hugging some gorgeous natural Turquoise cut beads.  More Turquoise rectangles, guarded by two corrugated Sterling Silver beads each,  Amazonite cylinders flanked by Sterling filigree beads, tiny nile green Jade beads and a Sterling silver lobster clasp.  Matching 1.25" earrings swing from Sterling silver studs.  Very casual, but very elegant!     



Renaissance Lady

Chalcedony, Baroque Pearl, Blue Goldstone, Swarovski crystals, Jasper, .925 Silver

This 17" necklace is made of round Chalcedony beads, creamy white natural Baroque Pearls, Swarovski crystals, Blue Goldstone rectangles, Sterling Silver filigree beads, and tiny Iolite beads; the back is finished with Sterling Silver Figaro chain and lobster clasp from which a 2.5" bejeweled extender hangs.  The custom "drops" in front are composed of .925 Sterling Silver filigree tubes and bead-covers,  Swarovski crystal links, more crystals and the center drop sports a Sterling Silver wire wrapped teardrop Jasper stone with its own little Pearl.  All strung on .925 Sterling silver-plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable where chain in not used.   Matching 1.5" drop earrings with Sterling Silver studs.                   


Turquoise Dreams

Turquoise, Amazonite, Swarovski crystals, Czech crystal, Jade, 14K Gold-fill

Sedate 16.5" length choker style necklace of natural Turquoise beads, Amazonite rounds, 14K Gold-filled filligree beadcaps, Czech faceted Crystals, tiny Swarovski crystals, and tiny Jade spacer beads towards the back.  Finished with matte glass pearl ovals, tiny seed beads, and a 14K Gold-filled pearl clasp.  All strung on 24K Gold-plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable.  Matching drop earrings of 1.5"  with 14K Gold-filled studs. 



Pom Pom Coral

Coral, freshwater Pearl, Swarovski crystal, natural Shell, .925 Silver, 14K Gold-fill

Perfectly balanced blush Coral bead necklace of 17.5", interspersed with tiny red Coral beads, baby freshwater Pearls, Swarovski ruby crystals, and Sterling Silver beads.  Custom made drops of Coral beads, natural Shells, more crystals, and Sterling Silver beads.  Finished at back with more tiny Coral beads, Freshwater Pearls, 14K Gold-filled beads, and a 14K Gold-filled pearl clasp.  All strung on 24K Gold-filled 49 strand stainless steel beading cable, for strength and flexibility.  Matching 1.5" drop earrings with 14K Gold-filed studs.      


Cocktail Hour

Blue Goldstone, Chalcedony, Baroque Pearl, Swarovski crystal, freshwater Pearl, 14K Gold-fill

A full 17" of necklace - midnight blue faceted Goldstone oval beads, Chalcedony AAA  rounds, premium  creamy natural Baroque Freshwater Pearls,  and Swarovski crystals.  Handmade  custom drop in front made of Crystals, Freshwater Pearls, two faceted tanzanite Swarovski Crystal drops wire wrapped in 14K Gold-fill wire, both of which swing freely.  All strung on 14K Gold-filled 49 strand stainless steel beading cable for strength and flexibility.  Matching 3.5" drop earrings on 14K Gold-filled studs with their own Swarovski crystals that have been 14K Gold-fill wire wrapped, and 14K Gold-filled pearl clasp completes the ensemble.



African Meadow

African Opal, Aquamarine, Freshwater Pearl, Swarovski crystal, Jade, 14K Gold-fill

17.5" of rare nile green African Opal oval disk beads (with a lot of veining in the stone matrix and sporting some druzy), 24K Gold-filled beads, natural tumbled Aquamarines, premium Freshwater Pearls, and Swarovski Crystals; finished at back with Swarovski crystals, Freshwater baby Pearls, and tiny Jade beads with 14K Gold-filled beads and a 14K Gold-filled lobster clasp. All strung on 24K Gold plated 49 strand stainless steel beading cable.  Matching 2" earrings on 14K Gold-filled studs.